Burberry Is Suing Target For $2 Million Over Copycat Check-Print Designs

Target might be your one-stop shop for all things cleaning, clothes and furniture. But if a British clothing and accessories designer has its way, there’s one thing you’ll no longer be able to purchase: Burberry-inspired accessories.

The British clothing and accessories designer, who is known for its iconic beige, black and red check print, has filed a lawsuit against Target after the retailer has allegedly copied the print on multiple pieces of merchandise.  The “copycat” pieces, Burberry claims, have “injured” Burberry’s reputation and  “diluted” the distinctiveness of the well-known check print. Therefore, Burberry is seeking $2,000,000 for each trademark that Target has counterfeited and/or infringed, in addition to attorneys’ fees and costs.

In documents obtained by PEOPLE, Burberry claims that Target has repeatedly copied their designs on scarves, bags and eyewear, even after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from the brand in 2017.

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“This action arises from Target’s repeated, willful, and egregious misappropriation of Burberry’s famous and iconic luxury check trademarks (collectively, the “BURBERRY CHECK Trademark”). Despite being aware of Burberry’s exclusive trademark rights, Target nevertheless has repeatedly infringed these rights by selling a variety of products bearing close imitations and counterfeits of the BURBERRY CHECK trademark, including eyewear, luggage, stainless-steel bottles, and, most recently, scarves.”

The complaint also includes side-by-side photos (above) of the merchandise in question, such as two beige and one red scarf, which all appear to be similar to Burberry’s original designs. Additional photos show eyewear and bags that also appear to be similar designs.

Neither Target nor Burberry have responded for People’s requests for comment.

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