So as you all know I was away this weekend and boy am I still playing catch up.

Typically, it aint stopped raining since I got home and the house looks like a Chinese laundry. I have wet clothes hanging everywhere trying to dry. Remind me to start looking about to a cheap tumble dryer. I have a mountain of washing to go in but pointless as there’s nowhere to dry it.

So sod it, let the mountains of laundry grow while I catch up on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays CBB.

2 ticks, time for a cuppa, I will be right back.

Right, back a quick catch up and we are back on track…..

Saturday CBB

Rather amusing rap battle took place. Each housemate had to pick an opposite crew housemate to roast.

Savage 6 rap crew made up of – Shaun, Helen, Brandi, Jemma, Chad and Sam.

Helen was rather funky, I rather enjoyed their rap battle. Boom Boom Boom.

Savage 6 laid down some savage slicks.

Nuff Luff crew made up of – Sarah, Sandi, Amelia, Derek and Paul.

Not as good, my vote goes to Savage 6.

Mike Drop.

After the eviction Friday night, Helen was stunned about being saved and sought validation from Shaun. He put her mind at rest and was very charming in his response I thought. Later sitting in the garden Chad and Sarah had a snog in front of everyone. It is now official after Sam asked “is she your girlfriend”? Chad said “if she will”. It was sealed with a kiss. Gag. They then had a barney in the kitchen over meat. That was short lived lol. As they went to bed and the lights turned off Chad from his single bed shouted to Sarah “Miss You” Sarah replied “Fuck Off”

Sunday CBB

Rapidly going off Sarah. She told Chad he had blown the whole “MeatGate” situation out of proportion. Me thinks it was the other way round lady. She told Sandi he was hangry. Nothing worse than a sulking angry hungry Hulk. Sandi told her to give him a banana.

Big Brother calls housemates to The Vault.

Over the next few days Big Brother will call housemates into the vault one by one.

The first vault challenge will be nominations.

To nominate house mates are to lock away a picture of their chosen housemates into the Vault.

Amelia – Chad & Sarah

Derek – Jemma & Sarah

Chad – Sandi & Jemma

Helen – Sam & Sarah

Sam – Sarah & Chad

Sarah – Helen & Jemma

Jemma – Sarah & Chad

Shaun – Sarah & Chad

Sandi – Chad & Sarah

Big Brother gathered house mates on the sofas.

They are instructed to watch the screen. The vault doors start to fall open and housemates get to watch their faces appear. Sarah watches 7 vault doors open revealing her face. Way harsh but deserved. All housemates with one vote or more are up for eviction.

Housemates up for eviction are Chad, Helen, Jemma, Sarah, Sandi and Sam.

Jemma figured out with 9 housemates and Sarah receiving 7 nominations the only person who didn’t vote for Sarah was Chad.

It took a little longer (a few hours) for Sarah to work out the maths. She cried in the kitchen to Chad. Telling him is all so insincere. No it’s all a game.

Most of the housemates are asleep, Sarah and Chad are sharing a bed for the first time. What I witnessed next will be burnt onto my eyeballs. But let’s just say Chad ain’t the Hulk Sarah called him earlier.


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