So I needed to have a blink and a cuppa before watching Monday on catch up.

But I am back on track and ready and prepared to be offended by sexual conversations and swearing.

Monday CBB

Sandi has a secret code name, Pineapple juice. That tickled me. Yes, very secret Sarah and Chad doh! Seeing as she wears her braids piled on top of her head it was hardly going to be Derek’s secret name was it?

Housemates are gathered in Big Brothers waiting room. One housemate is called to enter the Vault. No one wanted to go lol. Sam ended up going in.

Big Brother has issued each housemate a deposit box. Inside is contact with someone from the outside.

Sam’s vault contains his sister Louise. He is then told to open another unknown box. He opens Helens box that contains a visit from Helens husband. Sam has to pick what box to remain unlocked. His own or Helen. “Why the fuck didn’t I open Sarah’s box” Sam declares. Sam closes his own box. “Stupid vault sucks dick” he cries as he leaves the vault. Helen is then called to the vault. Helen is told what Sam did and gave up. Helen wins her Husband. As David enters Helen has a wobble and a snotty moment.  Helen returns to the house and hugs Sam saying “thank you but I don’t understand what happened”.

Jemma goes into the vault, there she sees a letter from her sister Lou Lou in her deposit box. She picks box number 27, a letter to Derek from his wife Gwen. Jemma actually gives a valid reason as to why she picks her own letter. She sees Lou Lou once a year. Derek will see his wife in a week. Not selfish, I agree with her. Jemma is told to open the letter when instructed by BB. Derek was told by BB what Jemma had done. He told her she didn’t need forgiveness, what Jemma did was right.

Sandi, has a visit from her daughter Francesca. Sandi picks box 182. Containing a letter to Shaun from his other half Dawn. She gives Shaun his letter. She knows her daughter will understand. Shaun is then told what Sandi has done. He cannot open his letter until instructed to do so.

Amelia is next to enter, a visit from her mum is in her deposit box. Amelia picks box 22. A visit from Sarah’s friend Michelle. Stupidly Amelia gives the deposit box to Sarah. I’m fuming lol. I actually shouted at the telly. Sarah’s got her hot bod to share a bed with. Amelia could have done with a cuddle off her mum. Sarah did at least have the good manners to thank Amelia immediately.

As Chad was the odd number left over, Chad automatically won his deposit box. He spoke to his sister and his dog without having to sacrifice anything.

Jemma and Shaun were instructed to open their letters in front of the house. Jemma’s letter from Lou Lou was lovely and heartfelt. Shaun’s letter was perfect. Shaun is a nice bloke. He is my new favourite to win.

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