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It all kicked off in the house last night.

They’ve only been in a few days but temperatures are already warming up between the housemates in the CBB house. After the first few days of everybody being nice to everybody personalities are starting to rear and on yesterday evenings show things kicked off with former Girls Aloud star Sarah in the middle of it all.

When the latest twist in the task involved club members to decide which of their fellow housemates to put up for eviction. Sarah was left in tears when Paul slated her for getting drunk in the house and admitted he finds her ‘fragile’. Brandi also had her say when she said she was ‘concerned for her well-being’ in the house. With Ex on the Beach star Jemma also getting involved by saying Sarah ‘doesn’t have a career’, fans of show were quick to show their support for singer on Twitter.

Amelia showed her kind-hearted side by comforting Sarah following her break down in the toilet, with the singer later spending time in the diary room to gather her emotions.

The task wasn’t the only time Paul and Jemma have expressed their dislike for Sarah. Earlier in the show the pair were filmed talking about the 35 year old singer. During a gossip in the garden, Paul and Jemma called her ‘fake’ and an ‘attention seeker’.

Later, just when all the arguments seemed like they were over, Paul and Sarah got into yet another disagreement at the end of the show when Sarah called the former Hollyoaks actor a ‘psycho’.

Sarah, who sold over 4.3 million singles in the UK in Girls Aloud faces the first public vote later in the week. Joining Sarah up for eviction is Marissa, Trisha, Karthik and Chad. One housemate will be evicted during Friday night’s live show with Emma Willis.

Who goes? You decide!





Image Source: Channel 5 

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