Girls Aloud star was stunned as Emma Willis revealed she had bagged the £50,000 charity prize, with Amelia Lily coming second. Sarah cried tears of joy as she was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 with 35 per cent of the vote. Walking down the stairs to meet Emma Willis, the singer couldn’t stop bawling her eyes out and held her hands to her face to try and stop her tears. She was visibly shaking as she walked out to see the huge crowds who had gathered to watch the final in the North London studios

Emma Willis confirmed Sarah had romped to victory and said that none of the other contestants were even close to the number of votes she had received. Sarah’s fans went wild after the result was announced, with her Girls Aloud bandmate Nadine Coyle live tweeting the whole show.

Amelia Lily came second, with 29 per cent of the vote, while Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson finished third, TV psychic Derek Acorah was in fourth and Jemma Lucy and Chad Johnson were in fifth and sixth place.

Speaking to Emma after she left the house, Sarah admitted: “It’s been a tough ride.” Emma handed her a packet of tissues as a teary Sarah thanked her fans at home for voting for her. Once she’d composed herself, the 35-year-old opened up about what winning meant to her. Sarah explained: “I wanted to show everyone at home that I’m just a normal girl. “I’ve gone through the whole spectrum of emotions.” Sarah also opened up about her secret boyfriend Aaron Lacey and said: “I was in a short term relationship when I went into the house. Sarah thanked her fans but struggled to contain her tears

“I didn’t think about any of the boys [inside the house] like that when I went in there.” When asked about her blossoming relationship with Chad, Sarah admitted: “He became my best friend. “After everything we went through, I thought it didn’t compare to what I had on the outside. “I couldn’t compare it, it was like we’d known each other for months and months, not a few weeks. “Our feelings grew and I couldn’t do anything about it and it was killing me.” When the show ended, Sarah was reunited with Chad, who tenderly stroked her face as they waved at the crowds who’d watched the show live from the studios in North London.

X Factor star Amelia, who was runner up to Sarah, admitted they all thought the Girls Aloud star would win the show. Amelia said: “We all had a chat from day one and we said Sarah would win. “It’s amazing even being in second place…I didn’t think I’d make it past week one.” Sarah’s foe Jemma didn’t agree however, and admitted she didn’t think Sarah deserved to win. Despite coming second, Amelia said she couldn’t have been happier about the result. The singer also opened up about her furious row with Sarah and said she didn’t regret confronting her. Amelia explained: “No one should be spoken to like that. I think a lot of the time she was really excited but then she would say she would feel ill. “Or cider Sarah came out. She was entertaining, so fair play to the woman.”



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