…cheating on my best friend

cheating on my best friend by Karen Jones

I had 4 suite mates after I finished college, we lived in a cool old house in town. Most of us had boyfriends. We partied every weekend and had a jolly good time pretty much every day! I was in-between boyfriends and my friend Jenny had a real cutie. His name was Aaron but we called him Ace.

Jenny was going away that upcoming weekend. Ace’s place was being bombed for fleas so he was staying at the house with us girls.

Friday night we opened a bottle of vino and had a few nibbles and hung out on the couch. Watching the tele and laughing about one thing or another. The 2nd bottle went down pretty quickly and next thing you know, we were making out on the couch. I was a little mortified in my head that I was kissing Jen’s boyfriend.  I figured hey whats a little make-out session gonna hurt, I sure wasn’t going to tell.

Well, the 3rd bottle put me over the moon and so did Ace. We were doing some heavy petting. He went in for the kill silently and steadily. It was very beautiful from what I can remember! He was HOT as shit and I loved every moment of it!  We both kind of fell asleep half-clothed and a car drove up waking us instantly. It was one of my suitemates back early!! We quickly tidied ourselves up and greeted them when they walked in the back door.

Thankfully they went right up to the bedroom for their own little fun. I was looking at Ace and regretting what we had done. I just cheated on my best friend!!! OH, MY GOD! I told Ace he could NOT NOT NOT tell Jenny, under any circumstances. 

Ace was quiet and staring at the floor

“I can’t believe I cheated on my Jenny girl,” he said in a low voice. I said LOOK if you don’t say a thing. He agreed and we went on to our days’ errands and such.

Jenny came home late Sunday night and she had no clue of what transpired on that couch. Sadly, Ace’s lips were loosened by his deep guilt over what he had done. A week later he told her and I found her packing her shit in a very pissed off way.

I quietly stepped into the room and she shot me daggers.

The look of hatred and anger was coming my way, big time. She said, “how COULD you Karen”? She continued to scream and pack and I stood there feeling sick to my stomach about hurting my friend. I thought to myself, NEVER do this again, NEVER! I begged her to stay and try to put it behind us. She scoffed and flew out the back door without a backward glance.

Regretfully, I never saw her again… nor Ace…

Are you hiding some cheating secrets you want to get off your chest?? 

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