“Come Sundown” by Nora Roberts – Audiobook

Strong, empowering women in this Montana based Saga

So as I said in a previous post, I just returned from my holiday up north and since I was driving 12 hours each way, I downloaded a couple of audiobooks.  The first audiobook I listened to was “Come Sundown” by Nora Roberts. I had done a review on this novel in an earlier post but wanted to share some more as I listened to it. I was unsure if I was going to enjoy LISTENING to a novel as opposed to reading a novel but wow, I must say, I loved it.  It made the drive go by much faster and easier.  I didn’t get road rage!! As a matter of fact, I had the most relaxing drive ever!!  I have now joined audible.com and will keep my membership so I can sit and listen to books no matter where I am 🙂  I have even replaced the television being on when I go to bed with my audiobook!!

“Come Sundown” is based primarily on the Bodine family and their ranch.  The family has a resort business with a little over 30,000 acres.  It is primarily run by the WOMEN of the family 🙂  It is a saga and has a little twist in the background about one of the girls that left home when she was 18 who attempted to return home when she was 21 but was abducted.  I do not want to give you too much information but the woman, Alice, was kept captive for many years and she was so close to home the entire time.  It is a good book and good read or listen for any woman.

What I think I enjoyed the most was the fact that all the women in the book were STRONG and EMPOWERING!!

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