Confessions of a Single Mom

First thing I have to say is I love my kids so don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret having them. There are plenty of days I do wish I didn’t have them though. Today is one of those days. I am sick so maybe that intensifies my irritability with them. I get all moms have their moments that their kids are driving them nuts, but they can get a break from them at least. My kids haven’t seen their dad since 2011. Hasn’t spoke to him since they sent him a message in 2015 and didn’t hear back. Last time he talked on the phone to them was 2013 Christmas time, when he once again made all sorts of promises he couldn’t keep. My kids are better off without him obviously, but it still would be nice to have some help. Financial, emotional, physical. Any type of help. My mom has helped over the years, especially early on when I lived with her, but it’s different. Probably just venting because I am sick but still no matter how you look at it the truth still stands…..I need help!

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