I want to BOIL my spud!!

Dear Divas,

Is your hubby a couch spud? Mine surely is 🙁 I seriously need help!!! I never really understood the term couch potato until I married, let’s call him Harry LOL. I wouldn’t want him to read this!! Harry drives me to drink. The couch has his ass imprint on it, it’s the only

part of the couch that is worn and beaten up. The table next to him normally holds beer bottles and bottle caps and he only gets up to relieve himself or to get another beer!! HELP Diva’s, I don’t know how to motivate this man!!! I can be doing dishes, cooking, cleaning ALL around him and yet, he sits there and just picks up his feet as I vacuum! Really???? WTF!!! I am sick of doing it all myself!

I have to make a honey do lists for him and those normally get lost after ONE thing is done LOL.  You see I am laughing but honestly, my anger builds as the yard grass continues to get higher than my knee caps!! Tell me your ideas how to motivate my man! I am desperate. Maybe if I just sit on the couch and drink wine all day, he will see how NOTHING is getting done and start to see how much I really do 🙂

Have a Diva day!


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