Cracker Barrel Christmas

It is September right? Ok, just had to check. We decided to go to breakfast at Cracker Barrel yesterday. Well unless you live under a rock (or not in America) you would know that Cracker Barrel, besides their delicious breakfast, has an awesome gift shop in every restaurant. The items in the shop range from candles, to toys, to candy, to clothes and home decor. They are generally of good quality and always have a theme they follow. Very “posh” high end looking items from home decor to the clothes. My favorite part about the wait at Cracker Barrel is being able to wonder the store and see what new items they have out. That was until yesterday!

So yesterday was Labor Day in America. Our next holiday we would celebrate is Halloween. Halloween has a wide variety of fun ways to celebrate. Dressing up in costume, decorating the house, and wearing black, white, orange, and purple…..the Halloween colors. Around Halloween and there after you tend to stick with the orange, browns, yellows for fall. From scarecrows to corn stalks, pumpkins and gourds. Lots of decorations from September through November. As we round out on the fall season we close out with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving sticks with the fall theme, maybe add in a turkey. Halloween falls on October 31st every year. Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday of November.

After Halloween and Thanksgiving you have Christmas. That’s right folks. AFTER HALLOWEEN AND THANKSGIVING. Not before. AFTER. So why oh why are these department stores and even more so CRACKER BARREL already putting out decorations for Christmas? I am not talking about a few clearance items from last year. No. I am not talking about 1 small section. No. I am talking about full blown decorated Christmas trees, 90% of seasonal section is Christmas items. You have 1 rack of Halloween costumes. 1 rack or even just a part of one of some fall items. The rest… you got it. CHRISTMAS. In September! I am not exaggerating here either. Also it isn’t just Cracker Barrel doing it.

It’s a disgrace that department stores, small chain stores, and we as a society are so drawn to the commercialization of Christmas in the lights, and trees, and decorating that we have actually lost touch with what that holiday is really about. We have lost touch with so many holidays just because the “fun” of Christmas. Well I say lets not forget the fun of Halloween or the idea behind it. Out with the spirits before we welcome in the joy of Christmas. Give thanks to our ancestors and the ones around us before we become greedy gift grabbing elves.

For the love of all things holy do not, do NOT decorate or buy Christmas items in September. Come on people get it together.




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