Dating Dilemma Dippers

For a lot of lonely hearts, a prospective date can die a death with one wrong move or one wrong thing said. That first dip into the dating pond can be a scary step.

So roll up ya trousers, tuck ya skirt in ya knickers.

They can’t be as bad as these 1st date confessions. I think….I hope.

Andrew told his story with one prospective date. “We talked, laughed and smiled at each other. I thought, ‘Wow this might actually work out.’” Unfortunately, he had prior obligations, which cut their date a little short. “I explained that I’d love to spend the day together but I had a family gathering for my nephew’s graduation. She stared at me coldly and said, ‘Are you serious? You’d rather go to a family party than be with me?’ I told her I don’t blow off things for personal reasons and she said ‘whatever’ and walked away. She later messaged me and said she’d give me one more chance. I politely declined.”

Reddit user, sarin77, shared a disturbing dinner date, writing, “Went on a blind date with a woman who continually picked her scabs and left a pile of the skin on the restaurant table. I left to go use the washroom and when I came back the soup was there, but the scabs were not. It’s safe to say, I did not eat the soup.”

TheBigDsOpinion shared to Reddit how prankers apparently don’t like getting pranked. “I went on a date with a girl who said she was all about pranking people. On our first date, I took her to Montana’s and saw an opportunity of my own. I told the staff it was her birthday secretly and they came out with the big hat and sang to her. She started bawling her eyes out and ran out of the restaurant.”

One Reddit user quickly discovered that three is not only a crowd, it’s a party — and not one she was looking to attend. “He ended up bringing his friend on the date, who also happened to be fresh out of prison,” dropthetinsel wrote. “He proceeded to Russian dance (although he was British) on an empty dance floor. I left.”

Movie selection is key on a date, which oask12 quickly realized, writing, “I went to see Jurassic World with a date off Bumble. We hit it off prior, but she obviously had no idea what Jurassic World was or that it involved dinosaurs. She was terrified the entire time to the point that she was holding herself and crying but refused to leave. We walked out in silence, parted ways, and never spoke again.”

“A friend set me up on a blind date and things were going well until he said his father was a hunter and he loves hunting with him,” The_Last_Leviatian shared on Reddit. “I have no problem with hunting, however, he started to say that his favourite part was sticking his hand inside a deer’s belly and taking out the organs while they are still warm. I told him I was uncomfortable continuing the date.”

Ln16_taco found out her date was incredibly tight, writing, “A Tinder guy started things off by paying for our Orange Julius drinks with a buy one get one free coupon. He proceeded to bring a refill cup he already had with him to the movies after. After I gave him a ride home, he left his refill cup in my car, and proceeded to text me to ask for it back every day following.”

One Reddit user shared, “My date apparently wanted to invite her ex to our night out, which I did not know going in. He showed up and they started getting closer and closer until he eventually proposed in the restaurant. She said yes and he carried her out. I was left with a bill for the two steaks he ate on my date with his now fiancé.”

“Met my date at a wine bar and it seemed to be going normal,” 1799gwd wrote on Reddit. “Normal until he ended up pulling out his bible and reading parts about a woman’s place being in the kitchen serving men. Once I asked to leave, we went outside where he took off his shirt to show me his lighthouse tattoos. Very awkward.”

“He spent the entire time talking about aliens and government conspiracies to cover up their existence,” angry manatee wrote on Reddit. “He said he could contact them physically through group meditation. He also showed me YouTube videos of this meditation. To this day I’m not sure if I was on an actual date or I was being recruited into a cult.”

Foxymoron shared on Reddit, “After a dinner I made, me and my date cuddled on the couch and watched a movie. During a romantic scene, my cat jumped up onto the coffee table right in front of us and drops a used tampon in plain sight. I was mortified. However, he ended up laughing and we still managed to have a good time.”

DasCthulhu found out his Tinder date was eating for two, writing, “Showed up to the date and the girl was pregnant to the point where it was questionable how she even got there on her own. Her profile never mentioned she was pregnant and she didn’t once even hint at it during our initial conversation.”

Sherminator19 wrote, “My date was very vegan, which isn’t something I mind and used to start up the conversation. I told her about a vegan meal I enjoyed and recommended it to her. She assumed I was vegan as well and when I ordered a latte, she started screaming, calling me a liar, murderer, and a cheat.”

So the lesson is.

Don’t book a date on the same day as a prior commitment.

Check out profile pics for any sign of skin disease.

Don’t agree to a threesome on your first outing.

Don’t leave intimate objects lying about the house for the dog/cat/child to pick up.

And if they walk in wearing a tin foil hat and a t shirt that says “we are not alone” run as fast as you bloody can. Just make sure you have untucked your skirt out of your knickers first.


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