Diva’s Week!!!

Hey Diva’s

Hope you are having an awesome summer!! I just had a visit from my FAV Diva Saucy Serena, she came to stay with me for 5 whole days whohoooo!! We had a great time, only ladies of course, so we could do as we pleased. Drank, ate, shopped, hung out, drank, hung by the pool and visited the ocean. It was a wonderful time.

If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it again LOL. Your friends are the best, they will stay with you through thick and thin. When your man is around, it’s not always the most fun, he wants to sit on the couch and you want to go to the beach. He wants to go to the bars, you want to go dance! He wants to eat out and have a heavy meal, you want to grab and salad and go go go.

So remember to keep your friends close and love them like you love your family. They are basically an extended part of your family, oh and remember also that men normally die first LOL,  so your diva girls will pick you back up and stay with you forever!!

Have a Diva Day!



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