DIY skill every Diva Should have!


Why pay a handyman when you are a DIY DIVA!

Tired of waiting for your mate to lift a finger around the house?  Then don’t wait, do it yourself! You are a DIY Diva!

Here is a great video from HGTV showing how exactly to tile a splashback in your kitchen. It honestly seemed scary to me at first, but now I am wanting to do my kitchen!!

~~So watch the video and get started divas~~

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6 Comments on “DIY skill every Diva Should have!”

  1. Admittedly I HATE waiting or paying for someone else to do things when I can do them myself. My husband always gets upset when I start a project as he thinks I will not complete it and then he will have to. Very annoyingly he jumps in and takes over and then takes all the glory for the final product. Cant wait to try this one out though. I think I will send him on a fishing trip for a few days 🙂

  2. always willing to try new projects, if it works GREAT..
    A lot of the time its having patience, not talent. talent will come with practice. Time is the best tool you can have .

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