DIY Smore Pot


Quick, easy, yummy treat. What SMORE can you ask for?………

Smores  So if you’re a mum like me summer is over but you miss it already. Need something to do that’s fun for the kids and sane for you! Well I was out looking about today and came across this easy CHEAP fun idea from Elizabeth McKnight for making your very own smores pot to cook your s’mores over without a campfire!

First things first you do have to get dressed and run to the store to get the supplies. I know it sucks but I promise you that is the hardest part of the whole project!

Here’s your shopping list:

Terra Cota Flower Pot…Small or Medium works best, aluminum foil, bag of grill charcoal……easy light if possible, and of course your S’more essentials….marshmallows, Hersey bars, graham crackers(not sure what they are called in the UK). You can get Skewer Sticks if you want or grab some from the back yard and make your own. You can also bend wire clothes hangers to use as sticks.

That’s it…..hard part over!


So you get home, unload your boot, and get to work. Take some aluminum foil and line the inside of the flower pot. Then fill with charcoal. Done… seriously you’re done. That was it. Light a match and roast your marshmallows!

Enjoy! Mmm mmm good!

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  1. I looked up Graham crackers, heard of them but didn’t know what they were.

    Digestive and Rich Tea Biscuits combined

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