Donald Glover joins Stevie Wonder to perform “Superstition”: Watch

Stevie Wonder’s name and influence was all over “Teddy Perkins”, the incredible Atlanta episode that we’re still out here chewing on. Clearly, the show’s creator, Donald Glover, is a big fan of Wonder. Now, as another feather in his cap following the landmark second season of Atlanta and the zeitgeist-capturing music video for “This Is America”, Childish Gambino himself joined Wonder on stage last night for “Superstition”.

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Kelly Rowland and Jessie J were also part of the all-star collaboration at Los Angeles’ Peppermint Club. Everyone was on hand as part of Wonder’s two-hour performance dubbed “The Stevie Wonder Song Party: A Celebration of Life, Love, and Music”. Watch the performance below.

Donald Glover singing “Superstition” with Stevie Wonder last night at The Peppermint Club in L.A. Kelly Rowland, Jessie J on backup vocals. Wow.

— Marlow Stern (@MarlowNYC) May 10, 2018

For more of the Great Glover, tune into FX tonight for Atlanta’s second season finale. And, of course, revist his mesmerizing new single/video, “This Is America”.

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