Double Trouble

Live Eviction night, I do like what my girl crush is wearing tonight.

Who’s up? Just about everyone 6 out of the 9 are dressed up to the nines and looking like rabbits in headlights.

But first let’s see what happened yesterday….

Derek has told Sarah her first child will be a girl. Sarah seems rather excited and says she is getting on and needs to start soon. She wants to be young enough to enjoy having children. Later in the bedroom Sarah quizzed Chad on his previous relationships. Chad told her 3 and the longest was a year.

It wouldn’t be Big Brother without a barney over booze. Sarah took a bottle of wine and hid it under the bench. Jemma clocked it and had a rant. While the others ate their tea sharing one bottle between themselves Chad and Sarah necked a bottle themselves. Sarah joked she was going to have a drink in the bath. Poor old Derek got a slurp in a glass to enjoy with his tea.

Sarah and Chad were having a romantic moment in the pool, Derek interrupted them by stripping off down to a pair of skimpies and joined them. I tell ya for a 70 year old her aint looking too bad. The rest of the housemates in the bedroom had a little bitch fest about the love birds saying how uncomfortable they make them feel. As Derek got out of the pool in his skimpies Sam remarked “wow look at those but cheeks, I bet he’s got a big knob” I actually spat my coffee out. I do like that Sam. He is a nice kid.

Back to live eviction. Celebrity Big Brother this is Emma

Chad, Helen, Jemma, Sam, Sandi, Sarah the viewers have spoken your fate is sealed.

The two house mates to leave are Sandi and Helen.

You have both lost your place in the big brother house you have been evicted.

Both ladies left the house with grace and decorum. I think they needed to leave with each other. They needed that hand to hold.

The CBB house won’t be the same without these ladies. I’m sad.



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