Drinks Vs. Calories!

Hey Divas,

Happy Monday!! The weekend FLEWWWWWWWWWWW by way too fast, hubby came up, but it seems that all we did was work on the house boo hoo. I told him next weekend, we are only having fun! No work period!! He said ok!!!!!!!!! It’s also Jeep week, and since we have a jeep we are going to participate in the events. I have no idea what that entails, but I’m sure I’ll fill your ears next monday!

I found this interesting post online i thought i would share with you. I am on a diet for the last month and i have lost 15 pounds whoohooo… but i like to party on the weekends of course, so this was good info for me.

Frozen Margarita is 500 calories!!
Glass of red wine is 123 calories!!
Glass of champagne 95 calories!
Pint of beer is 108 calories

I think i will stick to my Vodka and Grapefruit juice!!

Have a great Day Divas



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