Eating Out – The Dieters Nightmare!!!

Go on Treat Yourself!  You deserve it!

Dieting doesn’t have to be a major problem when eating out.

Follow these handy hints and eat guilt free!

In The Know! Most branded restaurants these days, you can go online and look at their menus. Decide before you go what you’ll order. Keep to your choice once you get there, do not even open that menu to see all the mouth-watering pictures that will tempt you.

First in the Queue! You’ve decided on a healthy option but “Oh NO” your friend orders the most calorific leaden meal on the menu. You suddenly start to want this instead of the healthy option. Order first, once you have ordered your meal there’s no going back. Well you can, but you have to stop the formalities of your group to change your order. If you can’t order first make your choice and move the menu away. Keep repeating your order over and over. This will stop you listening to your friends choices.

Don’t be a sucker! Mouth-watering pictures and descriptions like “tender, ripe, juicy and velvety” are commonly used on menu descriptions to suck you in and get those lips licking. Be aware of the danger words. Steak, chips and mixed veg sounds far less appealing than 24 day hand reared Aberdeen Angus accompanied with twice fried Homestyle potato batons served with glazed julienne spring fresh carrots and courgette herbed ribbons. We eat with our eyes and ears before that food has even reached the lips. Don’t be fooled by the flowery wording.

Little Pickers! Damage is done before your main meal even arrives at your table. The bread basket and bowl of olives will just add back the pounds you have carefully planned not to have with your healthy option main meal

Under Starters Orders! The portion size of a starter is much healthier than the large portions you receive with a main course. You can combine a starter with a salad or side order of vegetables to bulk up the meal without adding all those extra calories. Just make sure you are not ordering the deep fried camembert or calamari. These can have up to days’ worth of the recommended fat you should be consuming.

Bit on The Side! Don’t be tempted by the side order of chips or garlic bread! Pick a low fat option. Boiled or baked potatoes without the butter and cheese will fill you up and subconsciously you won’t feel as if you are depriving yourself. Fill your belly but fill it with good things!

A Little Tipple! Alcohol is a diet demon! A small glass of wine has about 150 calories. A couple of glasses of wine and you will not care that you are not having a desert! Ice water is free but remember to sip it. You want to enjoy your full belly of food not free water also remember diet soda will bloat you and make you feel full quicker. By the time you get home you will be starving and raid the biscuit tin putting all your hard work straight out the window. Most restaurants now offer low calorie choices so you can still feel you are treating yourself without piling back on the pounds you have worked so hard to lose.

Pub Grub Order roast meat but remove the skin which is fatty, grilled fish with boiled/baked potatoes rather than chips. Stay away from sides such as stuffing, garlic bread or onion rings instead order seasonal vegetables or undressed salads.

Indian Restaurant Step away from the poppadum’s and avoid samosas and pakoras which are fried. Instead order chapattis, dhal dishes (lentils) tomato-based, fish or vegetable main courses.
No to those creamy dishes – korma, passanda, tikka masala with boiled rice instead of fried.

Chinese Restaurant Go for stir-fried veg or lean meats such as chicken, fish, or steamed vegetables. Gorge on the dim sum which is steamed and plenty of noodles or boiled rice.

Thai Restaurant Avoid the coconut based sauces and dishes but load up on boiled noodle dishes with vegetables and chicken, Try the clear delicious soups and stir-fried vegetable dishes.

Mexican Restaurant Beans are your friend when it comes to Mexican as they’re fibre-rich and heart-healthy too. With spicy fish, flame-grilled chicken or vegetable dishes to choose from. Go easy on the sour cream and dips these are high in fats.

French Restaurant You may think rich creamy and buttery for the French but you can always as for sauce on the side. A little bit of what you fancy and you won’t feel deprived. We all need a little bit of “oh la la” Just make sure your meat of grilled and fish steamed to compensate.

Italian Restaurant Go for grilled chicken or fish. Vegetable lasagne or tomato based pasta dish and always always always order the thin crust pizza base. If you must have a desert don’t even think about the creamy tiramisu. Why not tickle your taste buds with a fresh zingy sorbet instead!

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