Extreme Couponing in the UK

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Why “extreme couponing” isn’t taking off in the UK – Miss Thrifty

“Families are reducing their weekly shopping bills by more than a third after the American craze of ‘extreme couponing’ crossed the Atlantic” – The Sunday Times.

“American craze for ‘extreme couponing’ hits Britain… and it could slash the cost of your weekly shop by a third” – Daily Mail.

When it’s your common-or-garden, everyday hysteria about our financial crisis, the level of calls is fairly low. When it’s wet-your-pants hysteria, as it has been over the past couple of weeks. The phone begins to ring and ring…

I don’t want to come across as a total grumblebum – although I probably will – I’m beginning to get the impression that now we have spent a few years teetering on the financial brink etc., fresh hooks and angles for stories about money-saving are running low. Last week I was contacted by a Sunday Times reporter who was writing a story about how American-style extreme couponing was taking off in the UK. I explained the reasons why, um, it wasn’t. (Worst. Interviewee. Ever.)

Needless to say, my comments didn’t make it into print; however, the story did. Since then it’s been picked up by the Mail and others, and I’ve been taking various calls about it, so I’m beginning to think that a debunk is in order.

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  1. If you would like to learn how to start saving money by couponing, we can start a group to share ideas and tips and links to sites that offer coupons. Personally, my daughter and I really got into it a couple years back and we would save upwards of 75% off our grocery bill. I would love to get back into it with a group.

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