Mums! F*** Em!

Mind your own business

F**K EM! Mum!

We can’t take credit on actually writing this post but as a mother. We can all take the credit in thinking about this post. This was shared on one of the Mum groups on Facebook. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

It’s words we all need to hear now and then.

Quite a few of the Mum groups and avoid inputting almost always, however, after reading statuses and comments day by day, I have decided to finally make comment.

I hereby introduce you to the ‘f*** em’ principle.

So your baby needs to be nursed to sleep and someone comments that if you do that they’ll never settle … f*** em!

One day getting a cuddle out of your bundle of joy will be like getting blood out of a stone! Enjoy every cuddle whilst you can!! So your baby still sleeps in the same room, and someone tells you they should be out by now…. f*** em!

F**K EM! Mum!

One day your child is going to be off out in the big wide, scary ass world, and you’d give your left arm to have your little miss independent back in the safety of your own house, let alone the same room! So your child is a fussy eater, and someone tells you they shouldn’t be having crisps or a biscuit … you guessed it, f*** em!!

I never came to any harm off a biscuit or some crisps, and also I’d rather teach my child the true meaning of a balanced diet and allow them to make their own educated decisions, than withholding everything that’s not organic! So your child isn’t walking yet, talking yet, and someone tells you by now their child was doing Pythagoras theorem … f*** em!!

Each and every child will do it whenever the hell they’re ready! No amount of comparing your child to their child will speed up the process, and when they’re in that job interview or going for that promotion in 20 years’ time, no one’s going to give a shit what age they started walking! So your child is having the biggest meltdown known to man and someone comes along and passes comment about how naughty their behaviour is…. F*** em!!

F**K EM! Mum!

They probably don’t even have children, or have totally forgotten how unbelievably mortifying it is when you saying no to a £49.99 piece of plastic crap, results in more commotion than a natural disaster!! We’ve all been there, and actually most of us are just looking thinking I’m glad it’s not mine for once! So your child is bottle fed and someone tells you breast is best, seriously…. f*** em!!

Your child isn’t going to be picked last by other kids at playtime because they were breast fed and yours weren’t! So what if you’re making a rod for your own back!! So what if you’re spoiling them with love and attention!! Kids are resilient, incredible, tolerant, and understanding beings!! It’s a shame adults aren’t more the same!

But whatever you’re doing, however you’re raising, I’m sure as hell confident someone at some point will pass judgement!

To which I hope you will always, and with great pride, think … f*** em!!

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