Fade to Grey

Women who are getting older and have started to get the dreaded grey roots do everything to cover them up. I know I do. Every 6 weeks its head over the bath time with a box of nice and easy 101. If I leave it any longer I look like Rouge from the X Men. I have a patch of white right at the front of my head. Well, I like to think Rouge from X Men but the kids call me Pepe Le Pew.

I see my grey as an unwanted sign of aging, even though silver hair can be beautiful! Just take a look at our own Philip Scolfield. The Silver Fox. Often in the top 20 for most attractive men.

Kerry was already seeing her grey roots at 41-years-old and discovered that she was allergic to hair dyes. She kept her grey roots hidden under a bandanna so no one could see.

Kerry bravely went to the Makeover Guy for help and he agreed that she should let all that beautiful silver hair out for all to see! By the time the stylist chopped off all her hair she was ready to show it off.

Take a look at the video below, you can see her surprising total transformation, she goes from long lush salt and pepper locks to a sassy silver pixie cut and now looks totally different! She also looks happy. She glows. A transformation inside and out I think you will agree.

Would you be brave enough to let all your grey hair show and then have a hair style like a cute pixie cut? I’m tempted but I just ain’t brave enough. Are you?


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