The Final Days – Holiday From Hell

love family

Dear Divas,

The last couple of days of our reunion was full of craziness!!! Beaching, eating, mini golf, board games, pool games, bayside kayaking and paddleboarding, happy hours and so much more! This was the first vacation that I can honestly say I had a good time LOL. i love my family!

Normally our reunions are full of fighting, mistrust, resentment, backstabbing, gossip and a little fun. This year was just full of love and fun! Maybe because i changed the location half way through the week, which is a first. I think that really did it, it split people up so that we were not all stuck on each other every minute of every day. I think that definitely made the difference. Also this year I got lots of help from my family as far as cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning up etc… Normally I do it all and that is not cool at all. I told them all from the get go that this was my vacation too and I neither had the money or energy to do it all, so everyone really pitched in!

I feel being honest with your family about how your situation is and not trying to hide your real feelings is the way to go. Otherwise resentment builds up and leads to unhappy me and unhappy family around me. I will continue to stay true to my feelings and be open with my siblings and family. They are the most important people in my life and we have a lifetime to be together.

Happy Friday Divas! Enjoy your family this weekend!



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