Flight Patterns Book Review

Flight Patterns by Karen White

Rating: 3.5/5

Flight Patterns is about some twisted family secrets surrounding Georgie Chambers, her sister Maisy, Niece Becky, mother Birdie, and grand father. Who would guess James, a client from New York, would walk into Georgie’s office with some interesting china with a pattern of bees on it that Georgie remembers seeing in her family home. After 10 years of being astranged from her family Georgie finds herself having to face a past she has been hiding from. Not only is Georgie’s past and secrets being flown up from this mystery china and the missing soup bowl and teapot, but even more family secrets will be let loose. Can Georgie and her family move forward from the past? Can James and Georgie solve the mystery of the bee patterned china? Will there be some secrets that some people can never get over?

Flight Pattern’s twist and turns have you wanted to keep reading to solve the mystery. You find yourself trying to solve what is going on. A nice easy read that has you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

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