Flower Power Groovy Divas!

Woodstock groovy

Hi Divas,Woodstock Groovy Girls!

What a crazy weekend it has been!! Lots of partying going on in August and I like it LOL. Sat night we went to this super fun “Woodstock Summer Fun wanna be” concert. The band was outstanding, they playing all the 60’s and 70’s music that I grew up with and it was a blast!

We went with a few friends and had 4th row seats!!! Couldn’t have been any better! We all dressed up in our super groovy outfits adored with flowers, tie-dye, beads and headbands LOL. No bras of course LOL, thankfully the ladies kept their shirts on LOL.

The night was full of dancing and big time singing, and of course boozing it up!! I had some delicious Red Wine, a cab and i enjoyed it! Hubby did not dance as much as me but i did hear him singing and getting caught up in the past watching the show!

Ahhhh the good ole days!

Keep it Groovy Divas

DIY Deb saying Peace out LOL


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