Happy Friday!!!


Happy Friday Divas!

What is better than the impending weekend? One without kids! Both my kids are going away this weekend because its mine and mans 2-year “anniversary”. If that’s what you can call it. Anniversary. Happy Friday!

If you aren’t married is it still an anniversary? An anniversary of what? He never technically asked me to be his girlfriend or go steady. We hung out for a few weeks and then on 28th May he kissed me, which led to us starting to date. I have always called it our anniversary but is it really? Guess its a fill-in anniversary until the day we get married.

Married that’s a scary word! Ok, I am getting off subject here. I tend to do that. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the WEEKEND KID FREE! Kid free means going out partying, drinking, dancing, maybe go to the spa, go to the beach, walk around naked….the skies the limit!

Who am I kidding I have a house to clean and a race car to get ready for next weekend. I might make it out tomorrow night with the man for drinks but let’s be REAL here ladies, once you hit 30 and you got kids it’s just not the same.

Damn, I miss being 21, sexy, fun, and full of energy!

Regardless – I plan on making the best of this weekend as I can. Really what more can I ask for…no kids, race cars, drinking, and lots of walking around naked…..yeah sounds like the perfect 2 years “anniversary” to me!

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