Ghosts of Housemates Past.

and out with a Housemate!

Housemates from the past took over the Big Brother House. Katsick woke the house with his ©rapping. Housemates did not believe it was him until they made him say “tittysprinkles”. Which he promptly did. Chuckles all round.

Marissa then called Shaun her bitch, dressed him up in a dog costume called him FiFi and made him bark. He told her she would be waiting a while.

Jordan asked Sam to make him some toast and to come to the diary room. Sam was like a kid on Christmas day. He double jumped the stairs to the diary room and told him he missed him and wanted to touch him….erm okay. Jordan gave Sam a secret mission…to take Amelia on a date but to follow the whispered instructions given to him in his ear piece. All was going well Sam was liking cake off her toes and having a dance until Amelia heard Jordan in his ear.

MeatGate reared its ugly head again. Chad helped himself to the mince AGAIN. When Jemma asked how much he was using Chad went off his nut bitching about his protein and his snack. Sorry, but if you want a snack you grab a biccy or an apple. You don’t use half a pack of mince that can cover half the house. That’s selfish.

Brandi gathered the housemates on the sofas. Brandi then began to read out bitchy comments about the housemates said by other housemates and they had to guess who said it. I see problems and tensions coming.

Dangerous Paul Danan then announced himself. They were instructional to point to the housemate who they think will go next. Jemma pointed to Chad & Amelia pointed to Chad, Chad called Jemma shitty.

Later in the evening the ex-housemates joined the in housemates for a party. Let’s get hammered, let’s get wankered were yelled!

Big Brother gathered all the housemates on the sofa, Old and New, sat clutching each other. BB told them since yesterday the viewers had been voting for the favourite to win. At 7pm the lines were frozen. The housemate with the fewest voted was out on their ear. No live show, No Emma Willis. No cheers and boos from the crowd. Out the back door with no fireworks.

The lights turned red………..the housemates looked like startled rabbits……the house mate slung out like yesterday’s kitchen bin is………….Shaun. Wow. Shocked. Really. He was my favourite after Sandi went.  I am seriously gutted. He is and was a nice bloke. He didn’t deserve that exit.

The housemates in tonights final.

Jemma, Sam, Sarah, Amelia, Chad & Derek.

Who wins, you decide!

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