Is it your Birthday today? 25th July


Born today on the 25th, July

Danger, sex, travel, intellectual brilliance and money are keys to this creature. Their ideal is not a life spent in rural contemplation. (Nobody about to admire them.) People are drawn to July 25 and enjoy allowing him or her to take over. Tag on behind them at airports or ferry crossings, because NO ENTRY means SHORT CUT to this creature and you will find you have jumped the queue. If there’s a problem which needs solving, they sort it. The slightest hint of danger? They enjoy any challenge which utilises their leadership skills and fast reflexes, and their natural vanity is titillated by admiration. Most retain a courteous attitude towards authority figures, if only to be expedient. They are not lawless, although both sexes drive too fast, and irritatingly, won’t let anyone else take the wheel. They get to play at sex games a little earlier than other star signs, but since this master of the universe is one of the goodies, nobody gets hurt and everybody has fun. It’s a good idea, even in adulthood, for them to keep these secrets – but hard, because he’s an amusing gossip, and she is too keen on being seen to be more informed than her companion, to keep a secret. Men and women born under this sign are often tall and good-looking and do well in corporate life as well as starting their own business, because they really don’t have a problem with fitting in with, changing, or running work structures. Find these diplomats of the solar system in the Foreign Office, commanding a sub, heading an advertising agency, newspaper group or, indeed a charity. If July 25 does get involved in any charity fundraising, they will drum up quantities of money, as indeed they do in any walk of life. Both sexes do throw it around a little, but neither sex is frightened of it and most know how to invest carefully.

Body: July 25 suffers from back problems. Backs flare up under stress, when you least expect trouble and could most do without it. So adopt a lifestyle which is kind to this vulnerability. Even with care, you may get trouble, but less so. Regular workouts can do wonders. Make sure the regime is planned by a professional who is fully informed about the back problem, and check credentials. Swimming is wonderful for backs. Try to use a chair at the office which is specially constructed for backs. There are plenty of them about. And get a hard mattress or sleep on a futon.

Mind: July 25 is very directed and can be snappy with others who seek to change the subject to another which bores him or her. Since this day can be so incredibly charming, it’s so much better to control irascibility.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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