Hay Fever Sufferers Rejoice

Rejoice!! But only IF you are a gin drinker!

Are you suffering from hay fever at the moment? I know half the people were when I was having a nice drink in the local beer garden. Got fed up wiping my sunglasses of other people’s spit and snot. I know, it’s awful. To be a slave to the pollen but it’s also just as bad to be covered in other people’s sneezes when you are trying to have a relaxing bevvy or two in your local.

According to doctor’s beer, cider, and some other drinks contain histamine which (DOH you probably twigged) is the opposite of your hay fever tablets. ANTI histamine.

They contain the exact substance that’s released in your body when you have an allergic reaction. As a result, it can worsen your hay fever or any other allergic reaction and even trigger asthma symptoms.

Asthma UK says: “As well as ethanol (pure alcohol), alcoholic drinks contain a natural food chemical called histamine, which is found at particularly high levels in red wine and some beers.”

If you’re sat there all smug thinking to yourself: “Ha, I only drink white wine.” Sorry, White wine is just as bad.

Asthma UK says: “64 percent of people with asthma say certain types of alcohol triggers their symptoms. Red wine is the main culprit followed by white wine beer and then cider.”

G & T Anyone?

The drinks with the fewest sulphites and histamines are the kind of drink you should be going for. So pour me a cold one … a G&T or vodka.

A nice G&T is absolutely spot on in this weather and I’m sure a vodka and orange juice would be equally as refreshing but I’m a gin and bit girl.

So the summer’s not ruined yet. Just avoid the beer and cider. If you have asthma and you’re going out drinking, promise me you’ll take your inhaler?

Remember the Anti Histamine you just took to combat your hay fever is wiped out by that nice long cold Prosecco. BUT in no circumstances should you double the dose of Anti Histamines. Just try a gin instead!

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