Hilarious Holiday Day 3

Dear Divas,Image result for crabs

So the reunion is getting better after the stress of the big party, and today was full of fun and laughter!! Playing in our pool was top priority, while some sat on the sidelines getting their tan on, others were playing mad games of pool Volleyball. There is much competition in my family especially my younger brother, lots of losing on my team of course LOL But the day was glorious and the playful banter was a nice change!

In the evening we did our favorite pasttime, eating steamed crabs. These messy crustations are delicious and savory but take forever to pick and eat! We had sweet white corn and macaroni salad along side. Many beers and stories later, the whole gang cleaned up and a trip to the local dairy was in order. Yummy homemade ice creams in cones were happily licked and pictures taken of a few lazy cows hanging around!

Bed early that night as everyone was wiped from the pool day, but all in all, a great day! Stay tuned for more exciting (HA) details of my families reunion/holiday with me!!

Hugs to my Divas,

DIY Debbie

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