Holiday From Hell Day 6

Hi Divas,Fun on the beach

The weather is hellish, so hot you can’t step out without shoes or your feet will burn!!! We all decide to go to the beach. Brilliant plan! We spend hours waking family, making breakfasts in shifts, cleaning up then packing up. Water bottles, lunch sammies, snacks, ice, kitchen sink, towels, chairs, umbrella and the list goes on LOL.

After 2 hours of packing, we finally got into the cars (took two drivers to fit everyone) and off to the beach we went. Everyone screaming with joy and happiness in the car I drove and their joy made my heart sing! I cranked the music and we all sang loudly and out of tune to a Brittany Spears song! LOL Even the male folk!! Quite a site to hear and see.

Crashing waves, hot sand, fighting over few chairs than people, sand castles, melting waters and limp sammies LOL, added to the funny day and joy that we all had at the beach! I took tons of pics of my family and asked strangers to help as well. It was the best day ever I decided!!

Sadly we made our way back to the cars, sandy and tired! We all stopped to get frozen custard on the way back to the cabin, which kept everyone happy and cool! The poor kid that waited on us was wowed by our numbers LOL

The day ended with a delicious cookout, more fun games and conversation and early to bed. Something abo9ut the sun and the waves makes people very exhausted when all is said and done! I was happy to curl up in my big bed with Hubby and have some alone time!!

It’s almost over LOL



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