Holiday Hell Day 2

Hey Divas,

So besides a big reunion all week, we are also celebrating my mum’s 80th birthday!! She has been driving me to drink since FEBRUARY on this dam party!!!!!! Sending out “save the date” evites and texts, then reminders and follow up phone calls, order food, order cake, make this, make that, shop till you drop blah blah blah. Sadly only a couple of her friends actually showed up.  However, we are a huge lot of family so the party goes off without a hitch. The food was perfect, the toasts were hilarious, and we made some very funny memories! I was so stressed with making every detail perfect for her, that by the time the party started i was exhausted LOL whew glad that is OVER!

The rest of the evening was spent cleaning up, drinking wine, taking a million pics of the fam and laughing over good times. And finally back to our place for a late night swim and a few more drinks and laughs!

I left the pool earlier to go pick up in the house which looked like a hurricane hit it!!! My family is one tornado after another LOL crap everywhere. i am a tiny bit OCD so that drove me crazy, i started scrubbing until everything was clean and for the most part put in its place! Why do people take off their socks and just leave then on the floor ??? I don’t get it?? My hubby and boys are total culprits for half the messes i found in the house, which made the job even worse! Anyway i want to send with a funny joke i read today LOL !

Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?
They won’t stop to ask directions.

Love ya Divas

DIYDebbie 🙂

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