Holiday Hell Day 4

Hi Divas, Homenade pizza

Finally tonight we all go to the cabin, or whoever wants to join us!! Can’t wait to get back there, my happy place 🙂 Thankfully everyone is doing their own thing today as we plan to meet up later for swimming and dinner.

My youngest, Tom and i spend the day picking up and packing up for the trip back to paradise. He tells me that he was missing the cabin and did not want to come back anytime soon LOL. I was thinking the same thing, not till school starts and Labor Day is over. I wasn’t really sure if Tom was enjoying the summer with me, but apparently he was! i spent the rest of the day smiling and everyone wondering why LOL

My niece and i decided to do homemade pizzas that night, funny and easy and truly YUM!!! She made all the dough and let it rise, while we changed into our suits and cooled off around the pool! Others wandered in and by 5, the whole clan had gathered and our car was packed. Since i was driving that evening, I chose not to drink. That made for a less lively evening and a bit of edginess was sharpening my tongue. My husband grabbed my hand and told me to relax, i was almost at my happy place lol He is so funny, knows me so well!

After clean up of the pizza mess, Tom, our pup, and I bid farewell and drove the 3 hours to the cabin. We both sighed of relief once we opened the door and said yey we are home! Now to get ready for them to come to the cabin tomorrow!

Need sleep!


DIY Debbie



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