Holiday Reunion from Hell – Day 1

Dear Diva’s

Sorry been a few days, my family has descended from all over the country this past week. My poor hubby prefers to hide from all of them LOL especially my Mum! I truly love my whole family of course, they are family that is, so you have no choice LOL.  I think tensions run high when family gathers once a year and so many kids and adults running around, it can be chaos!! So our first night I cooked for 21 people. yes ME!!! Hubby was at the grill and I was doing the rest with a little help from the clan and we finally sat down at 3 long tables on my deck and shared a wonderful meal!

As the night went on, the drinking did too LOL so it got louder from the adults as the kiddies all swam and screamed in the pool. Hubby kept hiding up in his bedroom LOL pretending to be getting changed in his suit. Does that really take 40 minutes?? lol The funny thing is that when hubby’s family is here, GOD forbid i take off !!!!!!!!!

So day one went pretty well I guess, everyone finally staggered home by 10:30 after 3 large bottle of wine and at least a case of beer or more!! I was exhausted, my feet aching, i took myself straight to bed… I’ll slip away tomorrow and tell  you some more stories from the Holiday Reunion from Hell LOL

Have a diva Day!

DIY Debbie


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