How to Keep SEX Alive in your Relationship

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A “sexless relationship” is one where you and your partner have sex about 10 times a year!  That is less than 1 time per month.  I know, pretty sad. The problem is that our lives are so busy these days with work, kids and social activities that we rarely have time for each other.  Add to that, as you get a bit older, health problems, mid-life crisis, low hormone levels, etc and you have a recipe for a sexless relationship.

I know that sex isn’t everything but honestly, it is a big part of a relationship.  It is the time when the 2 of you can be intimate and let go.  A special bond that only the two of you have.  It is something we all need to preserve.  I have been married for 29 years and I can see the effects that all the above have had on our relationship.  Believe me, it isn’t that we don’t WANT to be with each other.  It is that too many other things have gotten in the way.
What I would like to do is work on some of these issues throughout this summer with a weekly series.  If you are interested, come back each week and read a new section of my series.  Maybe, just maybe, by the end of the summer, we will all be happy in a SEXY relationship.

Week 1

Be sensitive to your partner’s needs. The reason most couples don’t have sex is that at least one person doesn’t feel attended to. I know, from experience, that if I do not feel emotionally attached, I cannot be physically attached.  My husband, on the other hand, is the type of guy that if I walked into the kitchen with just a button down shirt and a pair of slippers, he is rearing to go.  I wish I personally, could be more like that.  Some call this a T type.  He is a high-T person whereas I am a low-T person.

Be willing to meet your partner’s arousal needs, and be romantic in the ways your partner prefers.  Sometimes it is the little things that help like, offering to cook dinner AND doing the dishes while I go take a hot tub and come out in that button down shirt and slippers.  Talk to your partner.  Find out what it is that he/she feels he/she is lacking and work on it.    The lesson for this week is to make a list of all the things that you can do to meet your partners’ needs AND to talk to your partner about the needs that you have that he/she can help to meet for you.
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