How to Pack your Luggage Efficiently!

How am I going to fit 3 days of clothes and cosmetics for both my husband and I in a small suitcase? We will be traveling north for our son’s wedding next weekend and my car is FULL of reception decorations. I cannot take my large suitcase because honestly, there isn’t room!! I have to try to pack as much as possible in my carry on suitcase which isn’t very big, believe me!! I have some ideas and just pray that they help.
1. Roll clothes – I always do this because not only does it save on space but it helps to keep the wrinkles at bay.
2. Fill shoes – This is new one for me. Put your any of your small items into your shoes like cosmetics, jewelry, socks and underwear. My cosmetics bag takes up a lot of room so this is a great idea.
3. Need more room? – Try zipping up your bag and then unzip it again and try to fit more in. Sometimes by zipping it up it will compress your clothing enough to give you a little extra room. This likely will work better with a soft sided bag.
4. Space Saver bags – there are travel size ones that you do no need a vacuum to seal.
5. Bundle – another great idea to go with #1. Roll an outfit together into one bundle. Top, bottoms, underclothing, jewelry and whatever else you need for the outfit and roll it all together.
6. Packing folders – an alternative to space-saving bags are packing folders. They usually come with boards which help you to fold your clothing efficiently and compact multiple items to save space.
7. Expandable bag – This is what I have. I love it. It gives me a little extra room.
Well, wish me luck!! I plan on packing this weekend and for once, I will only bring 2 pair of shoes for 3 days because honestly, that is all that I can fit!!!!

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