Hubby not doing the job?

Dear Divas,

Are you tired of faking it ?? Does hubby hit the G-spot? Forget the men, let’s get busy with our favourite vibrator!! Hubby just left for work, so time to snuggle up in bed with a sexy book or maybe a hidden away video. I like the video better! Finding that spot is super easy and super fast. I know what I like and a little DIY is a girl’s best friend! Who needs diamonds anyway LOL

Female masturbation
Don’t be shy – DIY!

Historically, masturbation has gotten a bad rap, but this is one party you’ll actually feel better after attending. Masturbation has some awesome health benefits and feels awesome. It’s normal, enjoyable and a healthy experience. Let’s put the taboo subject of women and masturbation to bed and realize a little menage a moi might be exactly what you need.

So, dim the lights, burn some candles and hop into bed,  it’s time to partake in a little self-exploration. Here are 10 reasons every woman should masturbate regularly:

It makes you happier.

Orgasms release the endorphin dopamine and Oxycontin, which can improve your mood and create a natural high. Who needs drugs when you can make your own?

You become more comfortable with your body.

Your body should be your best friend — part of becoming besties with your bod includes exploring it.

It can improve your sex life.

Masturbation allows you to explore your body and find out what feels the best for you. It can make you more confident in bed and more vocal with your mate. Once you figure out what you like, you can show or tell where the hot spot is!

It helps you sleep.

Orgasms physically and emotionally relieve tension and exhaust your body, which allows you to fall asleep quicker. Normally people do sleep better after self-pleasure, but very often it’s from feeling relaxed and satisfied.

It’s a great way to release sexual tension.

If you’ve chosen to not have sex or are simply going through a dry spell, masturbating is a great way to wake up your libido. Come on Divas let’s wake up that libido!!

It relieves stress.

Self-pleasure definitely reduces stress, it makes you more relaxed which in turn calms you down and stress just melts away!

This better be a vibrator!

There are tons of cool gadgets to help you masturbate.

From hands-free vibrators to buzzing faux lipstick bottles, there’s a vibrator for every lady.

Multiple Orgasms.

Understanding how your body works helps you know exactly how to pleasure it. Once, twice, three times — it’s up to you! The climax for men is usually a one-time thing, but women can keep going. Why stop at one? GO for it!!

It feels f*&^%$! amazing.

No explanation needed.

Clear your calendars, a little “me” time starts now.

Have a Diva day!


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