In Love With My Best Friend

In Love With My Best Friend Submitted by Jess J

I am 24 and have had the same best friend since we were freshman in high school. The fact we were such great friends is odd because he was Mr Popular. I was the band geek….but without the band! We didn’t run with the same crowds. Yet we would spend hours on the phone every day, go out to eat or watch movies, hang out at each other’ss houses. W could tell each other everything.

The problem is I have always been in love with him.

I know he didn’t feel the same way when we were kids and he has been dating his girlfriend since we were all seniors in high school. They even went off to the same college together while I stayed and went to community college. He and I never lost touch with each other and every time he would come home we would go out. Sometimes with is the girlfriend, sometimes just the two of us. They now have moved back into town into an apartment together. We get together or are on the phone daily and more and more he is nonstop bitching about his girlfriend. She has turned into a stuck up money hungry bitch and is dictating his life, telling him who he can and can’t talk to….including me!

I want to tell him to leave her and be with me, like a Taylor Swift song! But I don’t know how to get him to open his eyes and see how happy he would be with me. I know he loves me too, he says it all the time, it’s just a matter of if he is IN love with me or not. I’m scared to tell him how I really feel in case I lose him forever.

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