Is it your birthday today 5th June?


Born on 5th June….Happy Birthday!

June 5 people are intensely idealistic and often seek expression in the arts. Many famous writers and painters have been born on this date. But for everybody whose name is known, there are many others almost as, in some cases just as, talented. And it’s important for everybody to realise they just have to keep going, for the pleasure as well as the recognition.

Fortunately they are not materialistic, can live stylishly on less than most, so lack of funds won’t necessarily prevent them from pursuing their passion, even if it doesn’t earn anything. Either sex, for instance, can develop a capacity to put together a meal for a lot of people, with apparently no proper ingredients. Even better, because both men and women have a strong visual flair, they make the food look nice, which is three-quarters of the battle. Similarly these creatures can make a house look brilliant with almost no resources but plenty of imagination. They pick wild flowers and leaves and turn them into an arrangement, which women in Knightsbridge would pay a fortune for, and some actually take this up as an extraordinarily remunerative profession. They dress well for practically nothing and can turn rooms into theatrical extravaganzas with a few clever colour-combination licks of paint.

Because they are unusual, this individual may come across mockery from those less blessed with natural talent. This takes some handling. But June 5 should stick to their guns and never apologise for who they are and how they think. Nature didn’t intend us all to be alike. Mockery is often born of the mocker’s own timidity. These people are sensitive with others and interested in their ideas. They are charismatic teenagers and grow up to be encouraging to young colleagues and their own teenagers or indeed other people. You’ll often find others’ difficult adolescents come to live with June 5 for a bit, taking shelter for brief moments around personal crises.

Body : Sometimes you work so hard you forget to eat, then binge on rubbish. Remember baked beans – cheap, fast and healthy. Put beans with toast and you have the dietary equivalent of a good marriage. Separately neither is nutritionally complete; together the two complement each other to produce a nutritious whole. It’s all down to protein and its constituent ammo acids, the stuff of body tissues. Pulses are rich in the ammo adds which cereals are weak in and vice versa. Beans on toast, easy on the butter please, provides an ammo acid profile which closely reflects the body’s own protein requirement.

Mind : Overwork causes loss of creativity. If you have a good run, the temptation, high on adrenalin, is to go on and on and on. But you pay for it with a great big low the next day.

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