Is it your birthday today 6th June?


Born on 6th June….Happy Birthday!

This creature is fire beneath the ice, black lace beneath tweed suits. Scratch the conventional surface and find molten precious metal. But they are secretive and spend energy disguising their wayward, passionate nature behind a Mr and Mrs Ordinary Person facade.

People think they know all about June 6, then after years of dependability, perhaps as the local postman, or bank manager, they throw it all up one day for a grand and unsuitable passion. Or worse, still, commit an astonishing crime. Then everybody says: ‘Who would ever have thought it?’ Sex always brings out the wild man and woman in June 6. Lovers already know that their partner is extra-hot to handle, will openly enjoy experimenting with clothes and sex toys. But never in any way that might harm.

Those born on this day generally have a loathing for violence, even the pretend sort. Nevertheless, expect excitement, candles by the bath, athletic requests, provocative behaviour under the table during the most formal of occasions. Otherwise, for the most part, butter wouldn’t melt in this hot little baked potato until the explosion. At work they are careful to be punctual, apparently uninspiring and well-organised, a model of corporate co-cooperativeness.

They are often given huge responsibility by bosses who secretly think they are dull. Then, suddenly, those who mocked June 6 for lacking that special spark, find themselves taken over and working for the object of derision. They will seize the company and make what didn’t work sparkle with profit. They will relocate the workforce and streamline it, but never indulge in the ruthless psychotic behaviour common to other birth dates. They are not innate bullies and do not enjoy other people’s discomfiture. Less financially-motivated people will just plod along for a period of time, mowing the lawn, taking the dog to the vet, returning the videos on time. Then throw regularity to the winds and disappear round the world.

Body : Many people born on this day have indigestion and take far too much shop-bought medicine to cope with their heartburn, nausea, stomach aches and general feeling of discomfort and being clogged by food. This day is physically sensitive to pressure and the best thing to do is reorganise the diet. Drink warming, but light broths, homemade chicken noodle is perfect. Step up the fresh vegetable intake, especially root vegetables, carrots and beetroots. Stick to beans, wholegrains, small amounts of tofu and soya bean products, fish, chicken, pork and beef. Cut down on dairy products, caffeine, refined white flow and sugar.

Mind : There’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t hide your feelings, act the conventional citizen if that pleases you. Just don’t let it exhaust you or make you ill, because deception can be wearing.

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