Is it your birthday today 7th June?


Born on 7th June….Happy Birthday!

Because June 7 always seem strong, other people confide their woes in them. As these creatures are up-to-date with popular culture, they often have high powered, very commercial jobs. So they have a work force which relies on them for pay and their happiness. While the going is good, this talented planet thrives at the centre of its satellites. But June 7 overestimates its strength and sometimes the sheer strain wears down body and spirit. They get run down.

More problematically, June 7 may develop a tendency to depression, or a constantly nagging illness which undermines strength. Skin troubles may plague them. Perhaps hay fever, or asthma. Nothing life threatening, just tiring. Born with physical good looks, their natural stylish confidence may mean they look extra good even when they feel bad. So those satellites around the main planet have no idea that the ball of fire they regard as their strength is waning.

Working women born on this day should take care to avoid being overstretched. There are so many demands to be met. Cut down, or reorganise, before things get out of hand. Can you get someone else to help with the domestic load? Can you be less of a perfectionist, let things go? Dust and dirt never hurt anybody. You don’t have to redecorate. Just stick some flowers in a vase and it cheers up the room. Stick the washing in a basket or behind the door for a couple of days more and nobody will care or even notice.

Men should be similarly careful. Give up being a workaholic before it gets to you. Don’t go in for complicated jobs about the house. What both sexes are good at, is being attractive and good mixers. This is what people value you for, and this is what gives you a kick. Stay intimate with people. This is another talent. But stay free.

Body: A lot of people swear by the alternative remedy to stress, ginseng. In more than 1000 tests conducted over the last 30 years in China, Japan and Russia, including tests on Olympic athletes, astronauts and sailors going on long sea voyages, ginseng has shown its value by bringing support to the stressed body. Experiments with patients at the Institute of Biologically Active Substances in Vladivostok showed ginseng to have both tonic and stimulant. Ginseng instils a sense of well-being, helps to ward off anxiety, depression and irritability and has a normalising effect on the metabolism.

Mind: Change is a basic law of the universe and often problems can be resolved better by change than by attempting to solve them one after another. Remember that many problems just go away if you ignore them.

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