Is it your birthday today? 12th August


Born today on the 12th, August

People born on August 12 may have some years of wildness in youth, but at heart they want to settle down and live a traditional life. This doesn’t mean that after a misspent youth, this individual turns his attention to stripy lawns. But with rather more emphasis on the traditional, spiritual necessities of life, they become involved in helping to run and maintain a community in a way that has always brought pleasure. They are naturals for the parish council and any kind of involvement in the Christian church. Many will work within the church, some taking orders. In other religions, both sexes play the equivalent roles, understanding yet again, the need most communities have for a structure which reflects a combination of old and new ways. At its best, August 12 adopts a civilised way of life. Some of them, however, get right out of hand. Swap the even overview for a passion for romantically whimsical traditions. They insist on candlelight in order to see the world how people once saw it. There will be cooking in straw boxes, spinning and weaving, which always results in something appallingly unwearable – they must see this- and a version of early English folk dancing that’s infinitely more embarrassing than watching important company directors shimmy like they did at the office party. A gentler version of this results in enthusiasm for natural childbirth and babies arriving under water, which female August 12 does with stoic expertise. As the baby grows up, he will not, of course, be watching television. Neither sweetie nor dangerous sugary thing will pass rosebud lips before the age of five, and she will be the only little girl at school who doesn’t have a Barbie doll. August 12’s kids often have a late career start, because they have to spend most of their twenties lying in front of the television with Mars bars and popcorn.

Body: August 12 places store by his dreams. Favourite subjects for the nineties are angels, cherubs and heavenly pastures. Dreaming of angels may be a sign of forthcoming peace and prosperity. But sometimes, such a dream is indicative of concern over judgement for one’s conduct on earth. Cherubs: indicate your positive feelings about children, or possibly an anxiety about the lost innocence of your own childhood. Heaven: means either you aspire to reach the heights of ambition, that you probably aim for contentment and peace or, more prosaically, that you have realistic expectations of a better job.

Mind: Only those who really love you wilfully share your interests, so treasure them even if they reject bits and pieces of your dream. Assume that your children will eventually disagree, although they may change their minds later.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes  

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