Is it your birthday today 8th June?


Born on 8th June….Happy Birthday!

Beauty and social graces are everything to June 8, which may irritate others who are less blessed. Gemini often has a slenderness of physique and charm which is enviable. But this difficult twinklet is an attractiveness-snob, and can spend too much time admiring itself. Worse still, they spend rather too much time criticising others, especially their nearest and dearest.

Young people born on June 8 take is so far that they don’t want to be seen with their parents. Nor will they necessarily choose a partner with sterling qualities, preferring to drool over curly hair and remarkable blue eyes. It won’t matter that there is little sign of a brain, just that the partner matches their own image. Naturally it’s a problem if you want a conversation, and there’s the rub, because June 8 is prone to boredom and is extremely cutting about anyone slower-witted than themselves.

Nicer people born on this day develop an amusing sense of self-mockery, always the perfect antidote to vanity. This, combined with their high intelligence, makes them wonderful company and much-desired lovers. These much-pursued individuals show generosity to other people’s talents, but woe betide companions who haven’t got much talent. They are likely to be on the receiving end of a devastating smile, then ignored.

June 8 can be an asset at work. Bosses often use them to raise money and make connections with other businesses because of their immense attraction. But they do tend to indulge in office affairs, and worse, get sick of these affairs quickly, leaving colleagues to handle an embarrassing situation. Neither men nor women born on this date seem to twig that everybody at work always knows about other people’s sex lives, if the connection comes from work. And no amount of arriving separately, not talking to each other during office hours and disguising telephone conversations as important work calls will pull the wool over anybody’s eyes.

Body: These people limit their daily intake of food so much that they make themselves extremely tired and ill. They get distracted if they put on a few pounds, so intense about perceived perfection, that they may over-diet. They may adopt faddy eating patterns, only eating fruit, which plays havoc with their digestive systems, drinking too little liquid and cut out so much fat that they become listless and can develop depression. They lack confidence in their own ability to attract unless they look ‘perfect’ and should try to revise their too demanding attitude to their physical appearance.

Mind: People who can’t find someone to love outside the office lack imagination and oomph and draw intense criticism. Look for a date amongst friends, rely on relatives, anywhere but the work environment.

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