Is it your birthday today? 14th August



Born today on the 14th, August

August 14 people reflect the characteristics of the decade. Those who swung in the sixties and seventies may have dumped the ‘Do your own thing’ philosophy, but still carry its imprint. Scratch a 50-year-old accountant and you’ll find he or she knows all about ‘chilling’ and why people who liked Lulu last time round were embarrassing. Both sexes probably wore bronze satin shirts. They still harbour a touch of the free spirit credo, don’t get married, don’t possess anything, don’t get hooked, don’t get a career, just light in and light out. Some secretly still feel this way, which can be bad for them, because older lions aren’t happy without a secure companion. Leos are fixed, which means they are intrinsically loyal and prefer a life which is financially secure, with children and a nice house. The rolling stone time for them was out of character, but this easily bewitched individual maybe never came out of the incense clouds to keep a proper job, stick with a love affair or bring up their children with stability. With their credo of kindness, live and let live, August 14 swingers of both sexes are perfect in any profession where they in some way care for a lot of people. None better to run a club, a hotel or a charitable institution. And they’re fantastic dancers. Eighties babes and boys are different. August 14 was the space magpie, collecting mobile telephones, designer clothes and false nails. Both girls and men went for the fast buck and even the highest-flying women thought it was interesting to discuss the right lipstick shade. All this appealed to the taste for extravagance. Just spending money is a turn on. Nineties August 14 is changing his priorities. Both sexes want to get rich quick, so that they can stop work and devote themselves to the finer things of life: family, reading, music and films, love of the countryside and just messing about in boats.

Body: August 14 is attracted to alternative remedies – very nineties. Both sexes love travel, finding their own ways to handle minor afflictions which come with flying, train journeys or driving. An easy favourite to cure blocked sinuses, common to travellers, is to put a drop of eucalyptus oil on fingertips and press very gently above the nose up to the hairline. Make sure when you buy the oil that it’s the pure, essential oil, usually found in small, dark glass bottles. Adulterated, or synthetic oils may have an unpleasant effect. if eucalyptus is too strong, dilute it in a carrier such as almond oil.

Mind: The strong heart of August 14 will always be troubled if its urges are thwarted by contemporary fashion. It’s important for this lion to know exactly what makes him happy and then go for it.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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