Is it your birthday today 10th June?


Born on 10th June….Happy Birthday!

The temptation for June 10 is to do everything to excess. Lovely, extravagant and generous, these little pumpkins are always looking for love and really have no idea about how to choose the right person. This is because many people born on this day are ruled, body and mind, by sex. There’s nothing wrong with that, except it can become a kind of drug, and people who this creature finds attractive will not always treat them well.

Essentially June 10 is looking for a good time. And if they don’t make love at least five times a week they feel bad. What’s moonshine – and indeed sunshine – for, but love? At work they dream of love. If they haven’t got a lover, the first question they ask about a stranger is: ‘Are they single? Are they available?’ Quite often they can’t concentrate on the job for thinking about sex, which is a way at least, of passing the time pleasurably. But June 10 never listens to advice about their love-life, frequently take up with the wrong person, and get let down more often than not.

This is a very physical creature, and when love comes, like Cinderella’s pumpkin, it turns into a radiant vehicle for pleasure. But June 10 forgets that when midnight chimes, the magic may stop. Those born on this date think underwear is more important than outerwear. Their drawers are always full of the most amusing knickers – for either sex, their bathrooms stocked with perfumed oils and their beds are covered in gorgeously scented fresh sheets. Their fridges are packed with food for love, champagne, smoked salmon, chocolate yoghurt, honey and cream. But when it comes to the more practical side of things, forget it. This creature would have baked you a cake if it had known you were coming, and if it knew how, but it didn’t and it doesn’t.

Body: June 10 takes everything to excess and should be careful about drinking too much, smoking and in some cases, taking drugs. It’s tempting to accept drugs at a party or club, in order to impress, and then find you want more. Try to regulate the desire to put something in your mouth when you have nothing better to do. Food is also a terrific temptation and sugary things are the worst for this birthdate. Whole packets of chocolate biscuits can disappear at one sitting. Three doughnuts may leave the plate in a matter of seconds. Greedy June 10 eats fast.

Mind: In Tarot, the 10th card of the Major Arcana is The Wheel of Fortune, which indicates good times and reversal of good times. The plus factor is that bad times won’t last either.

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