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Born today on the 15th, August

Women born on this day are Ms House proud. Their home is their council chamber and all that is decided within is accomplished under the great, luminous eyes of August 15. Most prefer to do everything themselves, because they are better at it and why pay for somebody else to get it all irritatingly wrong? This girl may take a passing interest in contemporary style, but she ain’t led down the path of fashion and fad. She likes clean lines, but can’t see the point of living in a place so bare you’d be afraid to put a coffee cup down. She likes white, hut can’t see the point of only having it -because who wants to play safe? August 15 woman is so sure-handed that decorating may become her profession. She’ll be the one to win an award for the Christmas windows in the local department store, and she’ll be the one asked to do-up a display house on a new housing estate. Either sex has a horror of frilly things and flounced curtains and it’s most unlikely you’d find one of those white and gilt bedrooms with satin covers on the bed in the house. While August 15 is as ambitious as any other Leo day, these people may not devote themselves to big careers in big business. The women in particular want to have children and stay around to look after them, so part-time work will do. They have lovely musical voices, and anything to do with the telephone is just up their street. Many of the men may similarly prefer part-time, or freelance work. Most individuals born today like to travel, and may choose driving and tourism. They are ambitious for a happy family, well-balanced children, and a comfortable life. And with everybody around them heading for divorce, August 15 heads off heartbreak, and like goose grass, stays put where he or she is thrown.

Body: Drivers often suffer from bad backs, general cramp and dehydration, made worse because they won’t drink so they don’t have to stop for the loo. Getting the seat right is important and some doctors suggest using a pillow behind the back and adjusting it so that the back, neck and head make an easy, continuous, straight line. General cramp comes from sitting in one position and gradually getting too rigid, with fingers gripped round the wheel. It’s much better if you have a non-alcoholic drink and go to the loo, because getting out and walking, however brief, exercises the limbs and relieves physical tension.

Mind: This is such a generous, jolly person, he sometimes wonders if he isn’t complicated enough. But the fact remains that August 15 is envied by most for such a harmonious approach to life.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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