Is it your birthday today 11th June?


Born on 11th June….Happy Birthday!

June 11 will have a lifelong battle with weight. They swear that they eat very little yet still pile on the pounds, and this may be true. There are those who only have to look at a strawberry tart and their buttons burst, while other, luckier dates can eat as much as they like and stay slender. It’s unfair. But then life is unfair. The trick is to cope.

First, June 11 should consider if they have a medical problem (rare) or if it’s really that they like to eat. Probably the answer will be the latter. Then it’s really a matter of not giving in to somebody else’s fish and chips. And those people who have children must avoid at all cost, nicking something from the leftovers on their child’s plate.

Part of the problem with weight is that June 11 has an unreal idea of what life should be like. A grass is greener on the other side of the fence mentality. Many look very nice the size and shape they are, and will never attain the sort of skinny body you see in the movies – which anyway is frequently the result of diet pills. Unless June 11 is positively wedged in the door, it’s wise to get used to it. When his mind is not on fat problems, this individual is capable of academic brilliance. He and she were in the top section at school and today this cleverness is useful both at home and at work.

The June 11 brain is capable of storing vast knowledge and the memory is excellent for minute detail. As a child, this person – who probably came into the world dramatically – was always the ringleader, and so it is with adulthood. They are the leaders at work, reorganising with charm and efficiency. And in private they use this talent to create fun for those they love.

Body: Sometimes drinking herbal teas can take your mind off hunger, and anyway they make you feel better. Delicious teas are available in health food stores, so experiment. Parsley, lemon grass and hibiscus teas are diuretic, relieving fluid retention and cellulite. Parsley is a powerful diuretic herb and calming to the stomach. Lemon grass is helpful in the elimination of cellulite. Hibiscus is often an ingredient in commercial teas, along with rosehip. Both are a good source of vitamin C, provided you make the tea with water that has not come to the boil. Vitamin C is destroyed at 100oC.

Mind: You are excellent at talking your way out of a crisis and when a friend is in trouble you can help by speaking for them. You talk sense when others panic. You’re a star.

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