Is it your birthday today? 16th August


Born today on the 16th, August

Men born today may be eternally naughty boys. The women grow out of it. Many people who share an office with the male August 16, wonder how he gets away with everything. He doesn’t seem to work. Sharp at the end of each day he is gone to meet friends, and usually a luscious girl, in the nearest bar. If he is meant to work later, the old jacket over the chair trick comes out and, surprisingly, senior employers fall for it. Most mornings, this robust huntsman has to swallow doughnuts and ham rolls at his desk in order to soak up the hangover. His telephone constantly rings – its girls who need a tender word. Our star emerges from his alcoholic eclipse, a twinkling eye on the new work experience girl, whose appreciation of the workplace he will shortly enhance when he shows her round the stationery cupboard. These bad boys often make good. There’s something about the cut of the shoulders – usually sporty – that makes people laugh. Something catchily joyful about his enjoyment. So it’s no surprise when management invest in Mr Zest. The natural leadership comes to the rescue, and the show-off streak means he’ll enjoy planning major projects in impressive detail, while making love to the latest beauty. Both sexes are sporty. Some professionally. The strong shoulders, arms, powerful legs and excellent eye of the lion are perfect for competitive sport. And they look good on the cricket pitch. Girls can swim faster than most men and work their way around a golf course with charming dexterity. Networking is their trump card. Nobody gives a party like August 16 can. It will be somewhere romantic and extraordinary, ideally in a Channel Tunnel train carriage, or an empty hairdressers’ with its mirrors, low lights and adjustable chairs to lie on. People remember August 16’s parties, because that’s where they meet and fall for at least one love of their life.

Body: This date likes to eat his or her way out of a hangover. Since this is a regular problem, here’s something to warm and soothe. Croque Monsieur: (for two) 6 slices of white bread with crusts removed, 140g medium cheddar, sliced, 140g cooked ham, English mustard. Place the cheese, then the ham on one slice, scrape with mustard. Cover with second slice, trim. Repeal with other slices. Brush outside of sandwiches with butter, both sides, put in oven on medium to hot until lightly browned, turn and brown other side. Slice into wedges and serve hot. A little less of the croque, now?

Mind: In numerology August 16 is ruled by the number 7 (1+6=7) and by Neptune, the planet of romantic inspiration. They achieve much, but should resist becoming so blinded by their own confidence they don’t see the broken stair.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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