Is it your birthday today 12th June?


Born on 12th June….Happy Birthday!

June 12 has a passion for making lists and rearranging things. Perfect if those around this creature want to be rearranged. Disturbing if they don’t. This individual is always on the move. If they don’t change houses every few years, they think they’ve got middle-aged. Each time they swear is the last, and each time they see another perfect home they must have. This is expensive and disturbing for partners and children, unless June 12 can make the sort of profit to improve on the last buy. But all too often it’s not a case of better or grander, just different.

This is the creature who drops in half-way through the cooking and redoes it. When the glasses are washed up, June 12 goes over them again, complaining that they are cloudy. Every book on the shelves is alphabetically arranged, with titles kept in a notebook so that borrowers can be asked to return them. There will be a first aid kit in the car, but only to be used in dire emergencies.

This creature hates having to replenish the Walt Disney elastoplast and reminds everybody it’s not a toy, which of course, it is. Most people born on this day have excellent memories, will remember a promise you made or an opinion you expressed days or even years ago, and if the promise is broken or the opinion changed, will query it. They pride themselves on not writing down telephone numbers and being able to remember directions. They think paperwork in the office is a waste of time, prefer e-mail to memos and letters. If they can there will be a rearrangement of the office furniture, of everybody’s working day, and a new rota for lunch breaks. Sometimes their need to exercise petty power over others borders on the psychotic. The best thing is to ignore them, but if you can’t, try a punch on the nose.

Body: June 12 lives by his or her spectacular memory. Be careful to maintain it. Everybody knows that alcohol undermines the memory, but few realise that many foods can addle this precious asset. Overwork and overstudy can fuddle mental function. It’s as if everything is wiped except the matter in hand. A poor diet full of chemicals and additives, excessive spices and caffeine don’t do it much good either. Other memory reducers include refined sugar. Try malt as a natural sweetener and reach for fruit rather than sugary foods when you have a relentless sugar craving. Dairy allergy also reduces memory energy.

Mind: Fave saying for this individual is: ‘If you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself Complete nonsense which often leads to appalling self-pity because this individual always – unnecessarily – does too much.

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