Is it your birthday today 13th June?


Born on 13th June….Happy Birthday!

Gemini is often prone to snobbery, but fortunately this individual is free of such petty little restrictions to the soul. They can soar in any society and are likely to be a great success, make heaps of money and live a pleasing life. When they do make money they invest wisely and with the greatest of ease and enthusiasm.

Men and women born on this date are never hamstrung by money. If they are born to it, they don’t neurotically wonder if people only like them for it. They simply assume, rightly, that most people like them because they like most people. They like to spend, and will buy comfort rather than art, although some do collect. What this individual prefers are expensive toys – snazzy cars, boats and swimming pools. They adore music and will buy the best sound system upon which to listen to their favourite Bach, or jazz. They prefer spiritual music, rather than a heavy base beat. In private this bright star devotes energy to pleasing others. Presents are their joy. A leopard broach if you like cats. A mermaid rose if you like gardening. A silk rug to remind you of your travels.

If a friend has money worries, June 13 will offer to help, and not necessarily ask for it back. If the debtor insists on paying back, they will accept with grace so there is never an awkwardness. At work expect June 13 to pull the company out of trouble with an educated financial wheeze. They will be the one to collect for a colleague’s present, arrange a birthday lunch, the office party. And they’ll add a touch of their own brand of fun, a magician or a fire-eater. Something to make the occasion memorable. It’s important for June 13 to have a strong social circle, preferably a family. They are not happy alone for long and they don’t work at their best in isolation.

Body: This day has delicate skin prone to allergies, which are not major enough to be a health hazard, but sufficiently irritating to be a drag. You can go the route of proper medical investigation, but for many people born on June 13 this is too tedious. Instead, try to discover the causes yourself and eliminate them. Common skin rashes can be caused simply by a too abrasive washing power, or washing your hair with a heavily medicated shampoo. Some pop stars who have to wash their hair a lot don’t use shampoo but stick to hot water with good results.

Mind: Some may warn June 13 that they are generous to a fault and should watch out for charlatans. Don’t underestimate this good star. Generosity doesn’t go hand in hand with stupidity.

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