Is it your birthday today? 18th August

Is it your birthday today? 18th August


Born today on the 18th, August

August 18 people have that sunshine coating which makes Leos gleam among the glum. However, a reservation in their character, an edgy attitude makes them more challenging than many – more Creamy Cheese Cake Frost for party-time than Apricot Glaze. Sometimes their original thinking works well, when others are receptive – and clever – enough to go along with them. These inventive creatures do have to spend time searching for their thought twins, spinning along the universe on the same electromagnetic waves. Often, however, both sexes grow discouraged and flit away from urban environments to plough their own furrow, take over the village post office and generally use their unusual mind-set to create an attractive, but different way of life. Certainly different from friends’ lifestyles. The great thing about this child, who wears a coat of many coloured sun rays, is that either sex is fantastically resilient. They weather the hardest hits the world can deliver, loss of loved ones, money and position, stay down for a little, harbouring their resources, then use the experience to help others and themselves understand a little more about destiny. Many become counsellors where they are extremely effective and not prone to faddiness. If it’s running the post office they prefer, then this little shop will be the jolly centre of village life, a place to pause and chat, where you know you’ll meet friends. Girls born today make any place they go look wonderful, all done on talent not expenditure. Animals come running to them and many women will work with animals, either farming or breeding and in some cases, racing. Most men have similar talents and may also turn to a career with animals. Either way, when August 18 lives in the country, the house will be full of dogs, rabbits, baby hedgehogs, maybe the odd singing canary while Old English bantams snick-snack about the back door looking for grubs.

Body: Creamy Cheese Cake Frost is culinary stardust. Piquant. Unusual. Delicious. Take l70g cream cheese, 30ml evaporated milk, pinch salt, 5 ml vanilla essence, 450 g icing sugar, sifted. Seat the cream cheese with the milk until smooth, add salt, vanilla and sugar. Creamy Frost between the two cake layers, a scrumptious filling, and even more delicious when lightly spread across the cake top and down the sides. Tiny fairy cakes coated with Creamy Frost suddenly sparkle. For a change add coffee or rich dark chocolate.

Mind: In the end no-one gets away without their own personal piece of suffering. If you choose to live, then try to do it with grace and enjoyment, even if there’s only despair at the core of your being.

Source credit: Russell Grant Horoscopes

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